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ALCA Check

Electronic BN Test

When measuring the alkalinity reserve on a regular basis, on the one hand, the general quality of the engine oil can be assessed, and on the other hand and more specifically, the degree of engine components’ protection against corrosion can be defined. The test device ALCA CHECK enables accurate and quick BN determination directly on-site in order to take effective actions when it is really essential.


  • Measuring range: 0 – 100 BN
  • Measuring time: up to 20 min.
  • Accuracy: +/- 1 BN


  • Easy and quick test procedure
  • Just one reagent is necessary
  • Free calibration
  • Direct read-out of test-results
  • 6 modes to test for up to 6 various oil grades
  • Easy to handle even for untrained personnel and for transport

After the oil sample and the reagent are filled into two respective chambers of the device, it is firstly required to calibrate the ALCA CHECK for the specific oil grade in use just once in order to employ it for all subsequent tests. Then by shaking the device and mixing both liquids, the measurement starts. As soon as the result on the display is constant for 1-2 minutes the test can be cut off and the end-result can be noted. Therefore, it is actually possible to determine the exact end of the actual reaction.


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