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Ultrasonic Cleaning Liquid (Concentrate)

ENVIROSONIC: Ultrasonic Cleaning Liquid

The cleaning liquid ENVIROSONIC is specifically designed by Martechnic® for applications in ultrasonic cleaning systems. Environmentally friendly, water-based and biodegradable product delivers efficient cleaning results and is gentle and safe for the surface of engine system components. The ENVIROSONIC facilitates cleaning of heavily polluted and hard-to-reach areas of the engine parts such as fuel and lube oil filters, cylinder cover, valves etc. and ensures protection against rust and tarnishing.


  • Biodegradable, environmentally friendly cleaning liquid
  • Made out of renewable resources
  • Easy to rinse with water
  • Intensifies the cleaning effect
  • Cost-effective ultrasonic cleaning
  • Protection against new contamination on the surface of the objects cleaned

The cleaning liquid is diluted with water in the ration 1:5 or 1:10, poured into the ULTRASONIC CLEANING TANK and heated up to the optimal temperature of 60°C. High-frequency ultrasound waves generated by piezoelectric SUBMERSIBLE TRANSDUCER in connection with the ULTRASONIC GENERATOR induce cavitation bubbles in the cleaning solution which implode against the surface of items producing the so-called “push-pull” effect. The immersed engine parts remain in the tank for about 30 minutes. The items have to dry out prior to being mounted again. Before refilling the tank for the consequent cleaning procedures, the cleaning liquid needs to be purged of gas.


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