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Sensor Data Storage Device

DATALOGGER: Sensor Data Storage Device

The DATALOGGER is a part of Martechnic®’s MT MODULAR MONITORING SYSTEM used to record, store and display the data transmitted from sensor devices. Although specifically designed for the company’s own sensor system, the electronic unit can be also customized and individually programmed according to the special characteristics of a particular application area.

Technical Features

  • Environmental conditions - storage:
  • Temperature: 0 - 60°C
  • Humidity: 0 - 95%
  • Environmental conditions – operation:
  • Temperature: 5 - 50°C
  • Humidity: 0 - 95%
  • Internal Memory: 1000 records
  • LED Display
  • Voltage: 9-33 VDC
  • Interface: RS-232, analogue 4-20 mA
  • SD card up to 4 GB

The DATALOGGER continuously receives, processes, displays and stores the data on the measured oil properties. For this purpose, the device is equipped with the internal memory as well as the external SD card. Through integrated communication mode and using Martechnic®’s software, the obtained information can be displayed on a computer for assessment. The device enables effective data tracking in the process of remote oil condition monitoring.




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