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Insolubles Check

Visual Particle Determination

Insoluble Particles Determination

Insoluble particles can severely harm the components of the engine systems, especially if they are present in excessive quantity in lubricating and hydraulic oils. The INSOLUBLES CHECK enables regular monitoring of the oil quality for the presence of insolubles in order to provide an easy and quick estimation of the machine components’ condition and efficient tracking of the occurring changes.


  • Measuring range: particle > 3 μm
  • Measuring time: about 15 min.
  • Application: lube and hydraulic oil


  • Direct visual assessment of particles
  • Effective determination of the source of oil contamination
  • Early detection of the friction-based processes
  • Helpful for efficient machine components maintenance
  • Easy to use even for untrained personnel

The oil sample is filtered with the help of the vacuum filtration device, and insoluble particles remain in the form of a deposit on the outer surface of the membrane filter. After that the relative quantity, size, form and nature of these particles can be immediately optically assessed. This provides directly information about the quality of the oil under examination.


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