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Water-in-Oil Reagent Composition Kit

Water-in-Oil Reagent Composition Kit “WA-SOL”

To ensure efficient and profitable delivery options, Martechnic® has been using a water-in-oil reagent composition kit WA-SOL® for many years. The key advantage is that the product is NOT CLASSIFIED AS DANGEROUS GOOD FOR TRANSPORT and can be supplied without any restrictions.

One WA-SOL® Reagent Composition Kit contains:

  • One bottle “WA-SOL® Basic”
  • One bottle “WA-SOL® Activator”
  • A stirring hook
  • MSDS and instructions

* The components are not available separately but as a “Composition Kit” only

For safe and easy transportation, WA-SOL® Basic’s reaction substance is specifically protected to avoid possible contact with water. Prior to the test procedure two components WA-SOL® Basic and WA-SOL® Activator have to be thoroughly mixed in the ratio 1:1 directly on-site.


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