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As effective management of the company’s daily operation helps to ensure the consistent levels of quality to its customers, Martechnic® organizes its work within the guidelines of the quality management system. Moreover implementation of environmental management system, as a part of the business ethics, allows reducing negative impacts on environment and saving precious resources.


July 2024

SMM 2024: Martechnic Will Showcase its Innovative, Patent Pending Test Device “MT COOLANT CHECK”


The world’s leading maritime industry trade fair - SMM 2024 - will take place from the 3rd to 6th September. The global maritime community from over 120 countries will gather in Hamburg to take part in the exhibition and high-profile conferences to discuss the current challenges and opportunities of the maritime sector, to present state of the art technologies and innovative projects, as well as to exchange business ideas and cooperation.

As a Hamburg-based company, Martechnic is traditionally taking part in the event. We will be exhibiting at Hall A1, Stand 432 and share our booth with our partner companies as in previous years.

Test Device MT COOLANT CHECK (Patent Pending): Non-Chemical Approach to Engine Cooling System Predictive Maintenance

Martechnic will be showcasing its brand new, patent pending test device MT COOLANT CHECK developed for regular on-board engine coolant analysis in the global shipping sector and beyond. The innovative testing equipment differs substantially from traditional chemical-based approaches to coolant quality assessment. Instead of complex analysis of individual coolant parameters (chlorides, nitrite additives, pH etc.) by means of different chemicals, predominantly classified as hazardous products for the environment, the test device MT COOLANT CHECK utilizes chemical-free alternative measurement method.

To determine the anti-corrosion effect of the engine coolant in use, the MT COOLANT CHECK offers just one single test of a small amount of coolant sample by means of the electrotechnical apparatus, with constant (corrosion resistant) and working/ changeable (corrosion-prone) electrodes in a simulated engine cooling system. No chemicals are required at all. All the evaluation is carried out fully automatically, delivering results in just 15 minutes.

Due to its innovative and environmentally friendly engine coolant analysis, the MT COOLANT CHECK was recognized with 2024 and 2023 Ship Technology Excellence Awards in the categories “INNOVATION” and “ENVORONMENTAL – DECARBONIZATION”.

Taking into account the decarbonization process of the shipping industry and development of different alternative fuel options, Martechnic invites all interested stakeholders to participate in the “Biofuel Think Tank” organized at the company’s exhibition stand. The usage of sustainable biofuels for marine shipping for minimization of the environmental impact as well as the problematic issues of biofuel properties and contaminants will be discussed. The focus will be given to the application of Martechnic’s testing equipment in on-board biofuel blends handling and management measures.

As we are currently in the process of testing different biofuel blends and determining key chemical parameters under specific fuel storage and operating conditions, we are looking for collaborations on biofuel research and testing!

June 2024

“MT COOLANT CHECK” Wins the 2024 Ship Technology Excellence Awards in the Category “EINVIRONMENTAL – DECARBONISATION”


Martechnic is delighted to announce that its innovative, patent pending test device “MT COOLANT CHECK” has received yet another Ship Technology Excellence Award, this time in the prestigious category „EINVIRONMENTAL – DECARBONISATION“.

The Ship Technology Excellence Awards is one of the largest, most prestigious, and widely recognised programmes throughout the industry powered by the business intelligence of GlobalData.

Martechnic’s groundbreaking test device “MT COOLANT CHECK” provides a non-chemical and sustainable method for engine coolant analysis in on-board predictive maintenance programs. Instead of the traditional full-scale testing of individual coolant parameters (chlorides, nitrite additives, pH etc.) with different chemicals, predominantly classified as hazardous products for the environment, the “MT COOLANT CHECK” utilizes the electrotechnical apparatus, with constant (corrosion resistant) and working/ changeable (corrosion-prone) electrodes in a simulated engine cooling system. No chemicals are required at all for the fully automatic assessment of the overall anti-corrosive performance of the coolant in use. The remaining corrosion protection of the engine coolant in use is determined with a new unit of measurement: Lagner (lag).


Application of less resource-intensive and easily recyclable steel and stainless steel electrodes for testing is not only innovative, but also allows the reduction of the risk of environmental contamination and protection of aquatic life by avoiding hazardous chemicals. Martechnic’s environmentally friendly approach contributes to eliminating chemical waste and extending electrode usability with no shelf life concerns, supporting predictive maintenance, and reducing unnecessary resource use.

Overall, chemical free engine coolant testing with the “MT COOLANT CHECK” enables achieving a lower carbon footprint compared to conventional chemical test kits and contributes to minimizing environmental impact and fostering industry-wide eco-friendly practices.

May 2024

Martechnic Exhibits at Posidonia 2024

Logo Posidonia 2024Posidonia is one of the largest and prestigious shipping exhibition of the international maritime community taking place every two years in Athens, Greece. Leading Greek and international shipowners and shipping executives will be gathering at Metropolitan Expo from 3 to 7 June, 2024 to discuss the latest challenging issues that have a profound impact on the global shipping industry including complex geopolitical situation and environmental regulaitons. The topics of decarbonization and the development of alternative zero-carbon fuels, sustainability directives, digitalization and application of AI in the maritime sector and innovative technical solutions will be in focus during extended conferences, seminars and technical workshop programs offered at Posidonia 2024.

Martechnic’s Managing Director Frank Herholdt will be representing the company at the Hall 2, Booth 2.152 and showcase its innovative, patent pending product “MT COOLANT CHECK”. The brand new test device is designed to provide a vessel’s crew with sustainable, non-chemical on-board testing of the engine coolant quality.

Test Device “MT COOLANT CHECK” with a Screw Cap Test Tube incl. Changeable (Corrosion-Prone) Electrodes, Set of 18 pcs, Steel

Instead of full-scale complex chemical analyses of individual coolant parameters (chlorides, nitrite additives, pH etc.), just one single test with “MT COOLANT CHECK” has to be performed. The coolant’s anti-corrosive capacity is measured by means of the electrotechnical apparatus, with constant (corrosion resistant) and working/ changeable (corrosion-prone) electrodes in a simulated engine cooling system. No chemicals are required at all. Both electrodes are subjected to corrosion stress. The performance of the engine coolant is characterized in relation to its existing level of corrosion protection on the metals used in the cooling system.

For more information on our new product, please visit Martechnic at Posidonia 2024.