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Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment


The main reason for using ultrasonic equipment is a thorough and safe cleaning of difficult-to-reach areas of engine parts, like valve blocks or filter cartridges.

The combination of ultrasonic technology, optimal cleaning temperature and ultrasonic cleaning liquid provides a high cleaning performance in terms of in-depth removal of any dirt. As the ultrasonic cleaning is gentle for surfaces of engine components, it suits ideally for separator discs (avoidance of scratches).

In comparison to traditional chemical cleaning procedures, the ultrasonic cleaning is an ecologically friendly method. For this purpose the ultrasonic cleaning liquid ENVIROSONIC - biodegradable and therefore environmentally friendly product – can be used.

Operating principle: Piezoelectric ultrasonic elements produce high-frequency sound waves which generate mechanical energy in the cleaning liquid, causing a "push-pull" effect on the surface of metallic objects to be cleaned. This cavitation effect creates vacuum bubbles which implode on the surfaces of the objects. While the objects remain undamaged, fouling and deposits are thoroughly removed, even from hard-to-access areas.

Function: Either when employing ultrasonic cleaning tanks or using submersible ultrasonic transducers in combination with cleaning tanks (selecting from standard ranges or choosing a custom-designed option), a cleaning liquid has to be heated to operating temperature of 60-80°C. The cleaning time depends on the degree of contamination, ultrasonic power and the use of proper chemicals in the cleaning liquid.

Martechnic® offers the following ultrasonic products:

Customized Octa-Sonic Cleaning Tank
  • • Standard tanks
  • • Tanks of customized size for larger components
  • • Ultrasonic external transducers for cleaning tanks
  • • Ultrasonic cleaning liquid of high efficiency