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Ultrasonic generator

Ultrasonic Cleaning with Submersible Transducer


The ultrasonic technology enables deep and thorough cleaning of the engine system components. Alternatively to traditional mechanical and chemical cleaning methods, the ultrasonic cleaning is gentle for the items surface and safe for environment. Powerful high-frequency sound waves that are generated with the help of the ULTRASONIC GENERATOR in connection with a piezoelectric SUBMERSIBLE TRANSDUCER enter the cleaning liquid in a tank and create cavitation bubbles. As the bubbles implode against the items surface, a mechanical energy is released in the cleaning liquid achieving the so-called “push-pull” cleaning effect.


  • Ultrasonic Generator
  • Operating frequency: 30 kHz
  • Voltage: 50/60 Hz – 220 V
  • Outlet power: 3.0 kW
  • Submersible Transducer
  • Material: stainless steel ASTM A420/ DIN 1.4571
  • PTZ-elements: 12 pieces
  • Cable length: 5 m


  • Efficient cleaning method of various engine components: cylinder cover, cooler, valves, lube and fuel oil filter, turbocharger impeller, charge air cooler
  • Easy cleaning of hard-to-reach areas
  • Operation with up to four Submersible Transducers
  • Easy to handle and suitable for various on-site applications
  • Low-noise performance

To fit the cleaning tanks that customers have at their disposal, the ULTRASONIC GENERATOR and SUBMERSIBLE TRANSDUCERS are offered in different sizes (available in PDF file to download). Up to 4 SUBMERSIBLE TRANSDUCERS can be vertically installed in the cleaning tank and have to be covered with a cleaning liquid throughout the cleaning process. Necessary energy for tank application is approximately 5 W/l depending on tank size. A proper cleaning liquid (e.g. ENVIROSONIC of Martechnic®) is heated up to 60° in the cleaning tank, and the engine components are then immersed into the tank for cleaning. The hard-to-reach areas of complexly shaped engine parts can be thus efficiently cleaned.


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