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MT sample retention system

Equipment to comply with MARPOL 73/78 Annex VI


The MT SAMPLE RETENTION SYSTEM with its manifold equipment enables collection and storage of representative fuel oil samples on board according to the guidelines set in the MARPOL 73/78 Annex VI and MEPC.182 (59). The kit helps ship operators to comply with international regulations on marine environmental protection and to draw, retain and store bunker fuel samples in a safe and efficient manner.


  • In compliance with MARPOL73/78 Annex VI and MEPC.182 (59)
  • Robust and safe (lockable) unit for retained samples and documentation
  • Compact size: 100 x 56 x 40 cm
  • Weight: approx. 37 kg


  • Wide neck sample bottles for easy handling
  • Unique numbered seals for all sample bottles and cubitainers
  • Drip sampler for in-line sampling
  • Leak protection, tools and cleaning material

The following equipment is included:
1 DRIP SAMPLER 6” or 8”
2 spanners to mount the DRIP SAMPLER
20 sample bottles
5 cubitainers with unique numbered sealings
1 set of pouring tap and handling box for cubitainer
2 pairs of oil resistant gloves
1 pair of safety glasses
5 oil absorbing mats

The specific features of the MT SAMPLE RETENTION SYSTEM ensure effective fuel oil sampling including safe protection against tampering and contamination, namely:
1. MT-SRS cubitainer and sampler are fitted with sealing.
2. Unrestricted manual valve operation to control the flow of the primary sample.
3. Tamper proof unit of sampling bottle, label and seal.


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