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As effective management of the company’s daily operation helps to ensure the consistent levels of quality to its customers, Martechnic® organizes its work within the guidelines of the quality management system. Moreover implementation of environmental management system, as a part of the business ethics, allows reducing negative impacts on environment and saving precious resources.

News 2021

December 2021

Martechnic presents its new White Paper “IMO 2020: VLSFO and On-Board Testing Strategy”

PDF: Martechnic's White Paper “IMO 2020: VLSFO and On-Board Testing Strategy”

Almost two years ago IMO 2020 Global Sulfur Cap regulations came into force and new formulations of marine fuel oils - very low sulphur fuel oils (VLSFOs) – have mostly replaced traditional high-sulphur fuels in the global shipping industry. The new types of VLSFOs differ considerably in their compositional structure depending on the geographical origin and a source of formulation of a marine fuel blend as such. The first data on the ships’ operational experiences with VLSFOs have reported several problematic issues related to fuel oil quality. Stability and compatibility, catalyst fines (Al+Si), viscosity and CCAI as well as flash point are among the key concerns creating the necessity of further careful monitoring of these crucial fuel oil parameters.

Martechnic is pleased to unveil its new White Paper “IMO 2020: VLSFO and On-Board Testing Strategy” which closely addresses the above mentioned problems with VLSFO’s quality. The introduction of regular on-board testing practices is regarded as an effective solution to properly manage new marine fuel types on board a vessel. An early detection of any off-specification characteristics of VLSFOs but also of incompatibilities between fuels enables ship operators to take proactive corrective actions. Therefore, proper functioning of the engine system, improved maintenance intervals and environmental protection measures including saving precious resources can be provided.

The White Paper can be downloaded as a PDF-Document..

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November 2021: Martechnic at Hamburg Maritime Forum 2021 Exhibiton

Martechnic Will Showcase its Products at Hamburg Maritime Forum 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected many businesses around the world and resulted in postponement or cancellation of many international trade fairs, forums and major conferences for the global shipping industry. Due to restrictions Martechnic focused on the alternative methods of communications prioritising effectively webinars, online events and meetings with its customers and partners for almost two years.

Now Martechnic is happy to announce its attendance of Hamburg Maritime Forum in person. The event is scheduled for November 30th – December 1st 2021. The high-level business forum will gather key experts and decision makers in the global shipping sector including ship owners, ship builders and operators, classification societies as well as manufactures and ship supply companies.

Martechnic will be showcasing its reliable technical solutions including portable test devices/test kits and advanced sensor technology for effective management of lube, hydraulic and fuel oil quality on board a vessel. The company will be demonstrating the advantages of implementation of routine oil condition monitoring programs into the ship maintenance strategies.

November 2021: New Test Kit “MT COOLING WATER CHECK”

Martechnic® is introducing a new test kit “MT COOLING WATER CHECK”. The new product is specifically intended for easy and quick on-site monitoring of the condition and quality of the cooling water systems with nitrite additives in diesel engines. Three parameters can be regularly measured: pH value, chloride and nitrite concentrations. Routine application of the test kit by technical maintenance personnel can help to determine the correct concentration of the additive package of the cooling water in use. Optimum quality of the cooling water provides reliable corrosion protection as well as cost-effective maintenance intervals of the engine system.

More detailed information on the new test kit including particular test specifications can be found in a PDF Document to download.

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August 2021

Martechnic®’s Remark: Fundamental Differences of IRON CHECK E Measuring Method

PDF: Martechnic®’s Remark: Fundamental Differences of IRON CHECK E Measuring Method

Total iron concentration in cylinder drain oil (CDO) along with remaining base number remains one of the key parameters to be measured and regularly monitored when performing used engine oil analysis. It is important to differentiate between various measuring methods regarding laboratory analysis and on-site testing with portable testing equipment. Each measuring method may vary profoundly and deliver different test results. A comparison between the obtained values originating from different measuring methods may lead to incorrect evaluation of total iron content and /or result in distorted information of actual wear condition of two-strokes diesel engines.

As a consequence, Martechnic® has prepared a commentary on its IRON CHECK E measuring method based on chemical determination of total iron content. The commentary is aimed to clarify the principal differences of the IRON CHECK E as an on-site testing method to most commonly used laboratory analysis methods and to explain the inapplicability of direct comparison between the obtained test results.

A PDF file with a short summary of Martechnic®’s remarks is now available for download.

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June 2021

New Customized Version of the FUEL AND LUBE OIL TEST CABINET: now available with MT CAT FINES CHECK and IRON CHECK E

Martechnic® is pleased to announce the launch of a new customized version of its well-established and time-proven product the FUEL AND LUBE OIL TEST CABINET. The new configuration contains two additional tests MT CAT FINES CHECK and IRON CHECK E which supplement the Basic Version of the Cabinet. The inclusion of testing equipment for verification of cat fines concentration before and after fuel oil treatment in on-board separator system and prior to introduction to the engine system is specifically reasonable taking into account the currently challenging problems of cat fines in new types of very low sulphur fuel oil (VLSFO) for marine industry. Extensive wear of the engine components related to total iron concentrations in cylinder drain oil is another problematic issue which requires effective on-board lube oil quality management and regular iron content monitoring. On-site determination of iron content with portable testing equipment enables immediate detection of any occurring changes in the engine wear in order to make efficient adjustments of the engine lubrication exactly at the moment when the actions are required.

March 2021

COVID-19: Martechnic® addresses the challenges of global pandemic

It has been more than a year since the coronavirus pandemic changed the “normal” way of life all over the world and severely impacted multiple industries and businesses. For many companies the challenging task was the re-shifting of corporate policies and the systematic reorganization of working schemes in order to effectively adjust to a completely new situation.

As a small-size company of only 11 employees, Martechnic® has been facing the necessity of rethinking and readjusting its traditional working approach under the conditions of the lockdown. Martechhnic®’s products have turned out to be “crisis proof” and the company’s business remains stable, but at the same time Martechnic®’s capacity to act has been limited and impacted by external factors such as supply chain shortages on the one hand, and the capability to deliver company products internationally due to shipping restrictions on the other hand.

However, internally the introduced modifications such as remote work and flexible working shifts have enabled to avoid possible full-scale quarantine and to secure a continuous business operation for the company’s international clients.

For more details, please, watch the interview of Martechnic®’s Managing Director Frank Herholdt for the Association “Maritimes Cluster Norddeutschland” in 2020 (available in the German language only.