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Iron Check E

Digital Test for Chemical Determination of Iron Content (Patent Number: 2982974)

Test Device “IRON CHECK E”

The iron concentration in cylinder drain oil directly reflects the engine wear condition. Changes in the operation of two-stroke marine diesel engines related to lower operating temperatures may lead to the phenomenon of cold corrosion, i.e. corrosion of cylinder components. The test kit IRON CHECK E helps to conduct regular digital semi-automatic test analyses based on a chemical determination of the iron content (corroded and/or abrasive) in cylinder drain oil in order to identify any occurring changes in the engine wear directly on-site. Thereby, this helps to make efficient adjustments of the engine lubrication when required.


  • Measuring range: 15/20 – 1100 mg/kg (ppm)
  • Measuring temperature: 70 ˚C
  • Measuring time: about 15 min. for two cylinder drain oil samples
  • Measurement method: chroma meter with LED transmitted light source
  • Accuracy: +/- 20 mg/kg (ppm) (confirmed repeatability of test results)


  • Precise semi-automatic measurement of iron content
  • Processing of two samples simultaneously (effective time-saving technique)
  • Easy to read, digital display of test results
  • No need to use color reference chart
  • Early warning of corrosion problems in case of regular application
  • Efficient adjustment of lubrication of crosshead engines

Examples of Different Iron Concentration Measured in Oil Samples

The test device IRON CHECK E enables measurement of total iron and corroded iron content in a similar manner. After quick preparation of special reaction liquid in glass vials and pre-heating of glass vials in two chambers A and B of the IRON CHECK E, the oil sample selected for examination can be added to start the digital test analysis. In the process of chemical reaction of iron in cylinder lubricant and special reaction liquid, the derived color of the fluid in the glass vials will be automatically assessed by means of the built-in chroma meter with LED transmitted light source. Thereby the color can vary from light blue to dark blue and it directly depends on the determined iron concentration in the oil sample. The darker the hue of the fluid, the higher level of iron concentration the cylinder lubricant contains. The measured values will be then automatically saved on the internal memory chip.


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