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Visco Cylinder

Electronic Falling Ball Viscosity Measuring Device

Electronic Falling Ball Viscosity Measuring Device “VISCO CYLINDER”

Monitoring of the oil viscosity on a regular basis and storing the obtained data enable more accurate assessment of trends in oil condition in order to ensure continuous efficient functioning of the engine system. The VISCO CYLINDER with its two versions (STANDARD and LOW VIS) measures viscosity of lubricating and hydraulic oils, and respectively of gas oils that have very low viscosity value, and provides precise results due to the built-in sensors.


  • Measuring range of Visco Cylinder STANDARD: 10 – 999 mm²/s
  • Measuring range of Visco Cylinder LOW VIS: 1 - 10 mm²/s
  • Measuring time: about 5 min.
  • Accuracy: +/- 3 %


  • Precise measurement sensors to check oil quality
  • Quick and accurate test results
  • Two versions of the device for different oil types
  • No supplementary chemicals required
  • Easy to use for untrained personnel

Viscosity is measured on the falling ball principle and is directly related to the time necessary for a ball to pass through the oil-filled tube and reach the bottom of the device. The viscosity value can be then assessed.


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